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We're Y&R New York and helping to evolve brands in rapidly changing, highly competitive markets has pretty much been our thing for over 90 years. And now we're headed by a new leadership team, hand-picked to carry on Y&R's unparalleled track record of building and evolving brands. A team with an obsession for insight-driven, category-defying creative, loaded with digital experience and driven by an unwavering belief in the power and potential of brands. We'd love to talk about your brand.


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Azek - Best Dressed

Introducing “Best Dressed” a new female-targeted campaign launching during New York's Fashion Week.

The ads are designed to make Azek, which manufactures decking, railing, trim, molding, porches, pavers, and siding, look like a high-end fashion brand, a first for any building products company. Although interior design has a fashion element, building products usually have a more masculine tilt in the advertising industry.

Azek Best Dressed Azek Best Dressed Azek Best Dressed

Ballpark Jerky


Merck "Insomnia"

The CDC recently declared insomnia an epidemic, as 60 million Americans suffer from this often-debilitating condition. However, many of them do not know why.

There are many causes of insomnia, but scientific discoveries have evolved our understanding of how our brains regulate sleep and wake. The goal of the "Avatar" campaign is to educate insomnia sufferers on these insights in a memorable and innovative way--helping to prepare them for the right conversation with their health care professional. Providing consumers with a scientific understanding of how insomnia can work in the brain will make their discussions with their doctor more informed, educated and productive.

New York Organ Donor

New York is dying. Why? Because even though there are only two states with more people on the organ donor waiting list, New York ranks 49th in the country in actual registered organ donors.

It goes against the DNA of New York to be the last in anything. So instead of scaring people with images of illness and death, we realized we needed to tap into the pride of New Yorkers to reverse the organ donor numbers. To remind them that what makes living in New York so great are the people that surround you. If we can't keep New Yorkers alive, we can't keep New York alive. And that was our simple, yet intimidating goal: keep New York alive by increasing organ donor registration in the greater New York City area.


Optum is one of the largest brands in the health care industry. As a consumer, you've probably interacted with their brand but may not know it. Their business is vast consisting of pharmacies and mail-order pharmacy business, local care delivery and physician network (e.g., Urgent care facilities), hospice care, employee fitness centers/health and wellness at many Fortune 500 companies, IT management, operational and administrative services for health plans, hospitals and governments, as well as owning the world's largest database of patient data that can help hospitals, doctors and health plans with better patient outcomes. This campaign is designed to give the brand a public voice and begin the process of communicating all that Optum does to it's many audiences.

Land Rover Instagram

In the summer of 2015, Land Rover wanted to target a younger generation for the first time. But how do you find a finicky audience who consumes a huge amount of content via mobile, and very little through traditional media?

We launched the new Discovery Sport by telling two epic adventure stories entirely on Instagram. Hundreds of images and dozens of films were painstakingly assembled to tell each story, advance the narrative, teach outdoor survival skills, and of course, showcase the vehicle.


Super-premium hot dog brands usually focus on the 'quality of their meat' assuming consumers believe a hot dog is a hot dog is a hot dog. Ball Park flipped this on its head by focusing on the 'quality of their flavor' when it came to Park's Finest.

Glued with the common thread of re-inventing the hotdog via… 'flavor' we helped Ball Park build a 5-stage campaign that positioned Park's Finest as the first hotdog to push the boundaries of the typical American grilling experience. We wanted to keep it all American … but create a whole new segment of fine hotdog grilling.


Goldfish crackers. They're cute. They're playful. And wherever they go, their contagious smiles make every moment more fun. The Goldfish Tales campaign is meant to make Goldfish crackers even more fun by putting them into our world, and putting us into theirs. The Goldfish brand has the power to turn snack time into a moment that moms and kids can share together, because when Goldfish are around, little moments can turn into big smiles.

The campaign is an evolution of efforts to forge deep, emotional connections with Moms – the gatekeepers to the shopping cart. While her kids have connected with Goldfish through the 'Finn & Friends' storytelling campaign, the brand wasn't reaching today's Mom in the same meaningful way. Thus was born the fully-integrated idea of 'Little Moments. Big Smiles.' Executed across multiple touchpoints, the campaign achieved immediate sales growth, millions of digital/social impressions, and heightened Mom engagement, proving the idea worthy of extension into 2016 and beyond.


Xerox Corporation is THE world-class leader in the printer and copy machine industry. But it's no longer JUST about printers and copiers. Xerox is also establishing itself as a leading competitor in business process services. Hence our challenge was how do we communicate the new Xerox, while still retaining the core that we're known for.

MTV #Safe Sext

For the first time since 2006, the rate of STDs has increased. And sexually transmitted diseases disproportionately affect young people. As the voice of the youth of the world, MTV Staying Alive Foundation wanted to use its global reach on World AIDS Day to get young people to start talking amongst themselves about condom use. How? Give teenagers the tools so that they can own safe sex, and create a world free from HIV/AIDs.

We launched the #SafeSext campaign to get partners to talk about condoms before they hook up. By inserting condoms into their foreplay online, we’ll take condoms from "mood killer" to "getting in the mood," and help teens protect themselves from STIs IRL. We created the first-of-its-kind condom emoji keyboard, and launched it with a film “SextLife” driving people to download the keyboard and sext safely.

Hostelling International

Hostelling International USA an 80-year-old non-profit organization founded on an enduring belief in the power of travel—travel that fosters a deeper understanding of people, places and the world around. Their mission is to promote a dynamic community of global citizens who have the wisdom and humanity to actively make the world a better place.

Young people are less familiar with the organization in the US and HI USA wanted to change that. The challenge was to create a unifying look and message for over 50 very diverse Hostels located in cities, towns, national forests and beach destinations across the country. Bringing them together to create one brand that kids would not only understand, but most importantly, want to explore and become part of.

United Negro College Fund

Launched in 1972 to encourage Americans to support the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), the "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste" campaign has helped raise more than $2.2 billion and graduate more than 350,000 minority students from college.

While most older Americans have a positive opinion of UNCF and a considerable appreciation of its history, it was lacking a sense of urgency and relevance in today's charitable-giving space. We needed to make UNCF's cause more tangible, important and urgent to a new, younger audience; elevating UNCF from an old-fashioned charitable organization to an agent of social change.

Milano "Sing Along"

Most women know the following to be true. While lovely and lovable, children and spouses are thieves. They think nothing of taking your fancy shampoo, sampling your body scrub, raiding your purse for candy, wearing your “vintage” sweatshirts, and completely hijacking your ability to shower alone, use the bathroom alone, eat alone, sleep alone, drive alone and exist alone. That’s why we’ve created a campaign that presents a whole new truth. It’s okay to draw a line at the Milanos in the name of saving something for yourself.

Dell Play Through App

Future Ready Anthem


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FEB 26, 2015 The athleticism of fashion

Why are sportswear giants embracing fashion now? Our research shows that sportswear brands have 30% higher "relevance" and 55% higher "regard" than high fashion brands among US consumers.

FEB 25, 2016 Y&R Helps Decking And Railing Maker Show Its Fashionable Side

Developed by Y&R NY, the ads are designed to make Azek look like a high-end fashion brand, a first for any building products company.

MAR 23, 2016 How Dell's 'Future Ready' Campaign Captures the Heart (and Soul) of Tech Innovation

Created by Young & Rubicam New York — the episodic campaign follows one family's effort to secure a heart transplant for their young daughter.

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